On Moving Day

- Make sure driveway is clear of vehicles and advise our driver if there is anywhere the truck can not be parked.

-At pick up location walk through with removalist to show them exactly what items need to be loaded.

-  All items not packed; such as handbags, phones, tablets & laptops should be transported by you. 

- Before our team leaves, do a final walk through checking cupboards, storage areas, garages & sheds to make sure nothing has been left behind.

- Remember to leave cleaning equipment & products at old property for vacate clean.

- Either be present at drop off location or give clear instruction to removalist regarding placement of heavy furniture or items – This will save you rearranging later.

- Unpack priority box first, then tackle main living areas, kitchen & lounge. Our team will reassemble the beds and any other items we have dismantled.


We recommend taking photos of the back of TVs, surround sounds & computers before pulling out cords – This will make it a lot easier when putting back together. 

Choose the correct size box & never overload your boxes. Place heavy & delicate items like books, pantry items & glassware in

book cartons.

Day Before

 - Finish packing. Have an 'Priority box' for items you’ll need on arrival like bed bolts, toiletries, kettle, tea & coffee.  Make sure everything is packed, check all storage areas.

- Remove glass plate from microwave, wrap and pack with dinner plates.

- Defrost Freezer, wipe out and dry. Wash and dry interior of fridge.

- Disconnect Washing machine from power and water. Drain excess water from tub & hoses and dry.

Tackle the most disorganised areas first like the wardrobes & storage cupboard, under staircases, garage or shed. You may find that you need to make special concessions for certain items such as valuable antiques or tools.


Remember, preparation is key. Have all your packing done before moving day. Have an allocated area for your ‘do not move pile’, items that you are either transporting yourself or that are not going to your new home.

Use proper furniture removal boxes, butchers paper & packers tape. Do not use newspaper as the ink will transfer - always allow extra paper for crushing.

Try to get everything into a box. This will save time & money - walking handfuls of items in & out is time consuming and

our removalist’s will be able to load the truck more efficiently & securely.​

Have a ‘Priority box’. In this box you should put anything you would consider essential to settle into your new home, for example Kettle, toiletries, TV cords/remotes.

Our Number One Tip – Get Organised Early.

Assess your relocation requirements. Decide if you want to pack yourself or hire professionals. Consider if you only want large items moved or a full relocation. Get moving quotes as early as possible and once moving date is confirmed, book with preferred removalist.

Week Before The Move

- Notify important contacts and services of change of address i.e. schools & insurance.  

- Redirect mail with Australia post.

- Use or drain excess fuel from lawnmower. Clean any tools or auto parts from grease & oil. We cannot transport flammable goods. You will need to dispose of or make other arrangements to transport flammable items such as BBQ gas cylinders (unless purged), pool & garden chemicals, paints and fuel.

- If moving plants, Do Not water within 48 hours prior to uplift.


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When packing a carton – Secure bottom of box with tape, never ‘crisscross’ cardboard flaps. Ensure that you have a layer of crushed butchers paper on the bottom & top. Wrap all breakables in paper & keep in an upright position to avoid damages.  Pack larger/heavier items on bottom & smaller items on top.  Fill in all the gaps with smaller items, linen or more crushed paper to prevent boxes from collapsing. Label all your boxes with a brief description of contents, room from which it came or proposed room at new home.

​​0473 390 900

3 - 4 Weeks Before Uplift

-Think about making arrangements to have children and pets looked after on the day of move. If this is not possible, on the day of move try to confine pets and keep children clear of removalist path; this ensures their safety and ours.

- If packing yourself – Start packing non-essential items. Have a designated low-traffic area to stack boxes once packed.
Quality made wooden furniture such tallboys and bedsides, blanket and toy boxes with lids can be left full, remove items that are breakable or hold liquid. Never apply packers tap to secure drawers as it will damage varnish.

- Have a thorough cleanout & minimise clutter. Consider if all your current furniture and whitegoods will fit into your new home.

- Arrange final meter reading for water, disconnection of electricity & gas and reconnection at new property.

Need help ensuring that your belongings are safely packed?